Print Magazine

Project Description

Print is a bi-monthly magazine about design and visual culture, with critical writing, cultural reporting, and competitions that showcase the best national and international design of today. Print was founded in New York City in 1940 as a “quarterly journal of the graphic arts,” it changed several formats throughout the decades, eventually settling down as a general interest magazine. Print looks at the implications and impact of design through a cultural, historic, and international lens. Simply put, Print shows the rest of the world why design matters.


During my tenure as associate art director, our small but nimble staff of 7 (including 2 art directors) took J. Abbott Miller’s redesign of the magazine and ran with it. We brought in more contemporary designers, illustrators, photographers, and artists not only to work on features and stories, but to be featured themselves and as contributing voices in the magazine. We introduced new competitions, and refreshed or expanded existing ones. We conceptualized themes for each issue, such as consumption, design and fashion, global culture, and media and politics, which strengthened the magazine’s cohesiveness and unparalleled perspective. 


Our efforts were recognized by our peers, winning back to back General Excellence awards from the American Society of Magazine Editors and a silver medal for Magazine of the Year by the Society of Publication Designers.


General Excellence, National Magazine Awards, 2009
365: AIGA Year in Design 30, AIGA, 2009
TDC 55 annual and exhibition, Type Director’s Club, 2009
Magazine of the Year, silver medal, Society of Publication Designers, 2008
Cover, silver medal, Society of Publication Designers, 2008
Design, entire issue, merit, Society of Publication Designers, 2008
Feature/Story, merit, Society of Publication Designers, 2008
General Excellence, National Magazine Awards, 2008

Associate art director

Art Direction

Kristina DiMatteo, Art director
Joyce Rutter Kaye, Editor
Emily Gordon, Managing editor
Caitlin Dover, Senior editor
James Gaddy, Associate editor
Claire Lui, Assistant editor
Martin Fox, Editor at large


New Visual Artists issue

Project Description

One of Print’s most popular competitions, the annual New Visual Artist competition showcases the top 20 creatives in the field under 30 years old. For the 10th anniversary of the competition in 2008, we created a special package to celebrate, including a graphic analysis of the past winners (their locations, ages, schools, and disciplines, etc), a sphere of influence extracted from the profiles, and advice from past winners to the current crop as they enter the next phase of their career. I worked with the editors on the graphics and influence sphere as well as developed and designed the NVA package. I also wrote two NVA profiles for that year—artist and designer Jonathan Harris and art director and designer Michael Freimuth.  


We also took the 10th anniversary as an excuse (i.e. opportunity) to throw a pretty great party celebrating the past and current winners. 


Type + Form issue

Project Description

In one of the initial editorial meetings for Print’s typography themed issue back in 2008, I brought to the discussion a trend of developer/designers who were exploring typography and typographic forms using generative software and coding, such as Processing, which we called “kinetic typography”. The editors took the loose beginnings and ran with it—it became our cover story, and we reached out to one of the initial designers in our research, Karsten Schmidt of PostSpectacular, to create an original piece of art for the issue. Schmidt, who had never previously been commissioned for editorial work, came up with the idea of bringing the generative art full circle by using software to create a form which could then be 3D printed and photographed, as a nod to the tactile nature of the printed magazine. The final result was an incredibly fragile structure which took 9 hours (and 2 attempts) to print the thousands of cross sections contained in the physical structure.


More about Schmidt’s process creating the sculpture, including its roots in in the study of cellular automaton and the Gray Scott Model of Reaction Diffusion is here. A gallery and video of Schmidt’s process images developing the form (in 2D and 3D) is here and here. 


The cover story, written by Emily King, is here.


365: AIGA Year in Design 30, AIGA, 2009
TDC 55 annual and exhibition, Type Director’s Club, 2009