Let's Move

Project Description

Brand redesign pitch for “Let’s Move,” first lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to target childhood obesity and encourage healthy eating for kids.


While tasked with taking a fresh look at a newly launched initiative started by one of the most popular public figures of today, we had two goals in mind: we thought Let’s Move ought to feel timeless and classic, like many of the great iconic “public service” logomarks that transcended the feel of a bureaucratic initiative, such as the Girl Scouts, the United Way, the Boys and Girls Club, and Nancy Reagan’s DARE campaign. This mark and campaign should outlast any one presidential term; it should feel ingrained in the public’s memory as many of those other examples do so well. We also wanted this to feel as approachable to teenagers and young adults as it would small children; while this was a brand aimed toward kids, it needed to have a level of sophistication while also feeling “fun” and “cool.” Much time was spent with Paul Rand’s mid-century children’s books as inspiration. 


We built a sweeping visual language that felt iconic, young, vibrant, and most importantly—flexible enough to incorporate the many initiatives under the “Let’s Move” umbrella. Most importantly, it addressed the two stated goals of the campaign—to encourage physical activity and exercise along with nutrition and healthy eating. The system could be adapted for both local and nation-wide audiences—from community soccer games to national ad campaigns.


After being asked to use the same elements as their existing logo, we pursued a middle ground direction. Ultimately, the client decided to stick with their original logo and passed on our system, though some of our components were used for the PSAs.

Lead Designer

Strategy, Art Direction, Design

Stephanie Sigg, Creative Director
McCann Erickson, agency